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Welcome to AIM (Accessing Intercultural Materials). AIM will tell you about the educational resources available for newcomers - parents and students. It will also be useful for teachers and researchers and others interested in the area of integration and intercultural education. It contains a brief description of the main work of a number of Government Departments and other organisations. It provides links to their websites, where you can access particular resources directly.

It is by no means a full list of all the relevant resources; there will always be new developments in the area. If you are aware of something which you think should be included, please let us know by sending an e-mail to:
. We will continue to update AIM with your help.


The Accessing Intercultural Materials (AIM) database is an information repository on migrants and education developed by the Department of Education and Skills. The database contains links to:

1. information on the Irish education system
2. resources available for intercultural education
3. organisations and institutions (in Ireland and abroad) conducting educational research on migration.

It will be of interest to all sectors of education, from pre-school to third level, involved in newcomer and intercultural education. It provides information for policy makers, parents, teachers, researchers, and others who are interested in newcomers and their education here in Ireland. This material is also available on the website of the Department of Education and Skills.

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