Immigrant Integration Indicators in Education at an EU Level

Eurostat publised a Press Release on "Migrant integration – education indicators in 2014"

Across the EU the results were not encouraging.
1) A quarter of non-EU citizens aged 18-24 left education prematurely - Europe 2020 target is less than 10%
2) More than 20% of young non-EU citizens neither in education nor in employment
3) Almost a third of non-EU citizens aged 30-34 with tertiary education - Europe 2020 target is at least 40%
4) Low education level prevails among the non-EU population living in the EU

However the findings for Ireland are a considerable improvement than those for the EU as a whole
      1. Ireland has already exceeded the Europe 2020 target for early leaving non-EU citizens aged 18-24. We don't have an exact figure for the non-EU citizens, but the percentage of EU citizens 18-24 who left education prematurely was 8.9% and the percentage of all foreign citizens who left education prematurely is 6.5%. Given that there are far more EU citizens than non-EU citizens in Ireland, it is clear that the percentage of early leaving non-EU citizens is considerably below 6%. This is less than a quarter of the average in the EU. (edat_lfse_01)

        2. Ireland has 10.4% of non-EU citizens between 18 and 24 who are neither in employment, education nor training (NEET). This is the third lowest percentage in the EU and almost half the EU average. The percentage of Irish nationals and also of EU nationals who are NEET is higher than the percentage of non-EU nationals. (edat_lfse-23)

        3. Ireland has already exceeded the Europe 2020 target of 40% of 30-34 year olds with tertiary education. More than 46% of EU citizens in Ireland of that age have third-level education, more than 62% of non-EU citizens have third-level education, and more than 52% of Irish people of that age have third-level education. (edat_lfs_9911)

          4. In Ireland the percentage of non-EU citizens with a low level of education is less than a quarter of the EU average - 9.1% in Ireland compared to 43.9% average in the EU 28. In the EU, Ireland is the country with the lowest percentage of non-EU citizens with a low level of education. (edat_lfs_9911)

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