Training and Updating Skills

A range of statutory, voluntary and community organisations are involved in providing training and support to persons who are seeking employment or training.

FÁS (formerly the National Training and Employment Authority)

FÁS was previously the National Training and Employment Authority. Recent changes have placed FÁS Employment Services and Employment Programmes within the Department of Social Protection. The remit for training programmes has gone to the Department of Education and Skills.

FÁS will continue to offer training opportunities throughout 2012. Information on their courses is available at this link.

FÁS delivers an extensive range of training options to a diverse range of clients including

  • those entering the labour market for the first time,
  • job changers,
  • persons wishing to up-date or acquire new skills,
  • those changing careers,
  • persons with a disability, and
  • early school leavers.

If you wish to apply for a place on a FÁS training course or enquire about other training options available and appropriate to you, the first step is to contact your local/nearest Employment Services Office and speak to an Officer.

FÁS have produced information in a number of different languages for non-Irish employees wishing to come to live and work in Ireland. To read more, view this page.

FÁS have provided some useful links on their website, with information on support groups, trade and professional bodies, salaries and recruitment agencies. This information is available in Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian and Spanish. To find out more, visit this page.

The Local Employment Service (LES)

Local Employment Services provide a range of services to the local community focusing on the provision of practical support, advice, guidance and information relating to employment, training, return to work and welfare rights.
The LES is a community-based organisation set up under Area Partnerships and funded through FÁS which provides a free, voluntary and confidential service for local residents.

One of the services offered by the LES is the provision of Job Clubs. Job Clubs are available as a support to job seekers who require assistance in preparing their CV’s, improving their interview skills or in identifying possible job opportunities. The Job Club will provide you with access to all of the support and information resources required to help you to get a job.

Information on Redundancy and Employment Support Options

The Department of Social Protection website has information about a range of benefits which are open to people who have become unemployed.

The Citizen's Information website also has information on different training options and employment support schemes on its website.

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