Citizens Information Board

The Citizens Information Board is the national agency responsible for supporting the provision of information, advice and advocacy to the public on a broad range of social and civil services. This service is open to everyone, regardless of whether or not they are an Irish citizen.

This agency supports the delivery of information through three channels: online, telephone and face-to-face.

The Citizens Information website- provides fast and easy to access information on a wide range of rights and entitlements. The website covers a broad range of topics, including: social welfare, employment rights, buying a home, moving to Ireland, education and much more.

You will find links to information on employment, tax, social welfare, redundancy, assistance to return home, grouped together on this page of the Citizens Information website.

Information on the Citizens Information website is available in both English and Irish. A range of information is also available in French, Romanian and Polish.

The Citizens Information Phone Service (CIPS) provides a comprehensive and confidential information service on social and civil services. The service operates Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm (excluding public holidays). You can call the Citizens Information Phone Service on a land line from anywhere in the country for the cost of a local call on 1890 777 121.

The Citizens Information Centres (CICs) provide a free, impartial and confidential information service. These centres offer a walk in service providing you with an opportunity to ask questions face to face. You can locate your nearest centre by using the following link: Citizen Information Centres

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