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EPIC Programme

The Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration (OPMI), Department of Justice and Equality, has responsibility for the social, employment and integration of migrants element of the HCIOP 2007-2013. On behalf of the OPMI, Business in the Community Ireland (BITC) manages the Employment of People from Immigrant Communities (EPIC). The EPIC programme aims to assist European Economic Area nationals and immigrants who can work here without a work permit to find employment and/or further training and education in Ireland. The programme includes training in English for work, interview skills, living and working in Ireland and IT.

Detailed information regarding the EPIC programme and on Business in the Community can be found on www.bitc.ie/employment-programmes/employment-for-immigrants.

A presentation giving an overview of the aims and methods of the EPIC Programme is available if you click on the picture below -

In relation to eligible expenditure, BITC received funding of
€447,639.72 towards EPIC 2008,
€475,138.00 towards EPIC 2009, and
€447,063.09 towards EPIC 2010(provisional).

    Epic Statistics

    The following EPIC statistics have been produced by BITC: