Policy Statement: Migration Nation

In May 2008, the then Minister of State for Integration, Mr. Conor Lenihan T.D. launched Migration Nation – Statement on Integration Strategy and Diversity Management. This document is a Ministerial statement on the future direction of integration policy in Ireland. This Statement recognises that a key challenge facing Government and Irish society is the imperative to integrate people of different cultures, ethnicity, language and religion so that they become the new Irish citizens of the 21st century.

English Language
Irish Language
Migration Nation: Statement of Irish Government policy on integration strategy and diversity management
nisin imirce: riteas ar straitis imeasctha agus bainisti agslachta

The Statement sets out the key principles which will inform and underpin State policy with regard to integration.

These key principles are as follows:

  • A partnership approach between Government and non-Governmental organisations as well as civil society bodies, to deepen and enhance the opportunities for integration.
  • A strong link between integration policy and wider state social inclusion measures, strategies and initiatives.
  • A clear public policy focus that avoids the creation of parallel societies, communities and urban ghettoes, i.e. a mainstream approach to service delivery to migrants.
  • A commitment to effective local delivery mechanisms that align services to migrants with those for indigenous communities.
  • The new integration policy focuses on the role of local authorities, sporting bodies, faith-based groups and political parties in building integrated communities and the plans to target funding in these areas.

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