Irish Internet Hotline

Irish Internet Hotline

If you wish to report material which you find to be racially offensive please contact the hotline at

The Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland service was launched in November 1999 to provide an anonymous reporting service to members of the public who uncover illegal content on the Internet. It was established primarily to report incidences of Child Pornography but later became the responsible body for receiving incidences of financial scams and racist material on the internet.

The primary work of the Irish Hotline service is to remove illegal material on websites hosted in Ireland. If assesses the material to be probably illegal under Irish law, the location of the illegal material is then traced. If found to be hosted or distributed in Ireland, An Garda Sochna and the relevant ISPAI member are notified, so the material can be removed from public internet access and an investigation may be initiated.

However, some material that is reported is contained on sites hosted in other jurisdictions. If reported material is found to be hosted outside of Ireland, details of the illegal content are forwarded via the "INHOPE" hotline. INHOPE, the International Association of Internet Hotlines, exchanges reports of illegal on-line content to expedite the investigation of such material by the competent law enforcement body in the countries in which the material associated with each report is hosted. Where the source country does not have an Hotline which is a member of INHOPE, the report is sent to An Garda Sochna for transmission through police channels. In some countries, for example the United States, the INHOPE hotline deals solely with reports of child pornography.

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