The EURES European Job Mobility portal provides information on working in EU countries. It is available in 20 languages on this website.

This page of the website of the Department of Social Protection Information you need before you arrive in Ireland page provides information in many different languages to jobseekers. You will find the translations on the left hand side of the page.


The website of the Revenue Commissioners provides information in the following languages; English, Irish, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Russian, Chinese, Romanian and Bulgarian. You can access material in these languages at this page.

Employment Rights

The Workplace Relations Commission is a Government body which has taken over the National Employment Rights Authority's remit to achieve a national culture of employment rights compliance.

You can access the NERA Guide to Employment Rights in all these languages here.

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has produced a comprehensive guide to the Employment Equality Acts, 1998-2011. It is available on their website at this link - http://www.ihrec.ie/download/pdf/ihrec_employment_equality_rights_explained.pdf.

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) has taken over the remit of the Labour Relation Commission, which was set up to improve Irish industrial relations. You can find translations of publications on subjects such as employment permits, domestic workers' rights in many languages on this page of the WRC website.

Health and Safety at Work

The Health and Safety Authority is the national statutory body with responsibility for

  • enforcing occupational safety and health law
  • promoting and encouraging accident prevention, and
  • providing information and advice to all companies, organisations and individuals.
The Authority deals with every size of workplace in every economic sector. The aim of the Authority is to make occupational safety, health and welfare an integral part of doing business in every Irish workplace. The Authority seeks, primarily, to reduce workplace accidents by providing guidance and support to employers and employees. Where the preventive approach fails, the Authority takes legal action to protect workers, the environment and enforce health and safety standards. You will find links to publications on safety at work on this page of the HSA website.

The languages available are Bengali, Chinese, English, Hungarian, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Slovak, Thai and Urdu.

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