Religious liberty is one of the rights protected by the Constitution of Ireland. You are free to practise your religion and your freedom of conscience.

State aid for schools cannot discriminate between schools of different religious denominations. Every child has the right to attend a denominational school receiving State funding without having to participate in religious instruction in the school.

Your right to religious liberty may be limited to protect public order and fit in with certain Irish laws.  Most of the major organised religions are represented in Ireland and have one or representative bodies who can be contacted by migrants concerned about how they may practice their religion after they arrive here.   A simple Google search with terms associated with your particular religion will give you more information.    

The Irish Government encourages migrants in Ireland to maintain their own customs and traditions while also actively engaging with broader Irish society and culture. Certain customs and practices that you may have from your home country may not be culturally acceptable or permitted in Ireland.   Most migrant groups have formed some form of representative organisation that focuses on the needs of people from their country or region.   New Communities Partnership acts as an umbrella organisation for a many of these organisations and groups.