There are many English language classes for adults throughout Ireland. Classes are provided by some government agencies, by Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and by private providers.



Some local government organisations provide English language training through their Education and Training Boards. To find your local Education and Training Board, using the following website:


The Department of Education also provides funding for schools to appoint language support teachers to assist school-going migrant children in learning English during school hours. You local school will have more information on this.       



Some NGOs provide English language training.

For example (but others may be available):


There are a large number of private language schools in Ireland that can provide English language training. These schools will charge a fee for their services and fees may vary. Language schools are required to meet certain quality standards, regularly assessed by the   Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services (ACELS).  The list of recognised schools can be found at: