When looking for somewhere to live in Ireland, it is important to understand that:


  • Accommodation in major cities and towns (such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick and others) can be very expensive

  • Cheaper accommodation is available in smaller towns and villages in more rural locations


Depending on your financial status, you may look for accommodation either privately (through renting or buying) or through housing support programmes.  There are organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, that can provide assistance to you in finding accommodation.  


If you need information about housing in Ireland you can contact Threshold, a housing charity:


You can also contact your Local Authority, the local government organisation responsible for a specific area, in order to get help in finding accommodation:



You can find also find information and contact details for local organisations that provide assistance in finding accommodation through:



For renting privately, there are websites which provide listing of properties and rooms available for rent in different areas.  Examples of these are: