The Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration at the Department of Justice and Equality, Mr. David Stanton T.D., launched the Communities Integration Fund 2018 at The Ark Children’s Cultural Centre in Dublin on 21 March 2018.   €500,000 is being made available by the Office for Promotion of Migrant Integration in 2018 to support community organisations in their efforts to promote migrant integration, raise intercultural awareness and combat racism in their local communities.  

Launching the fund Minister Stanton stated:   CIF2018 Launch - Minister Stanton addressing the audience

“Successful integration of migrants is, in part, about successful interactions. It’s about communities that offer a generous welcome. It’s about the willingness and, sometimes, bravery, to accept that welcome. It’s people with different cultures and backgrounds coming together.
The Communities Integration Fund brings people together, particularly people who perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to interact or to get to know one another. I firmly believe that to build truly integrated communities, we need to interact with one another, to build new connections, develop mutual understanding and enjoy shared experiences. Interaction is a vital part of the integration process….
….Community is at the heart of Irish life.  It is in the daily interactions, in workplaces, schools, social gatherings, and places of worship, that migrants will determine their sense of belonging here. Diversity is a reality. To realise its benefits, integration is an imperative. I call on communities throughout the country to play their part in making Ireland a place where migrants find the welcoming environment where they can live fruitfully and happily.”

This is the second year of the Communities Integration Fund. As with last year, every county in Ireland has received support from the Fund in 2018 for locally run projects to support integration.


What types of activities are being funded through the CIF2018 small grants scheme?

Based on an assessment of project activities in 2017 the following themes were afforded special priority in this year’s round of funding:


As well as these specific targeted themes, the Fund has also supported activities under general themes established in the 2017 round of funding including as follows:


Click here for a full list of projects awarded funding in 2017  

Click here for a full list of projects awarded funding in 2018